Concert Helianthus Ensemble

Zaterdag 2 juni 2018
17.15 – 18.00 PM

Oosterkerk Hoorn

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Ensemble Helianthus
Luigi Lupo e Laura Pontecorvo | Assisi flutes
Rossella Croce | baroque violin
Guido Morini | harpsichord

Giovanni Battista Buonamente | Sonata Decima sopra “Cavaletto zoppo”
(ca.1590 -1642)
Giovanni Battista Buonamente | Sonata Sesta sopra Rugiero
Lelio Colista 1629 – 1680 | Sonata a tre 22 W-K
Largo –Allegro –Largo – Canzona -Largo
Giovanni Battista Buonamente | Sinfonia Seconda detta la Rovetta
Sinfonia –Brando –Gagliarda –Corrente
Christian Friedrich Witt (ca.1660 -1716)  | Suite in Fa maggiore
Entrée – Menuet – Sarabande – Menuet –Bourrée
Philipp Friedrich Boddecker (1607 -1683) | Sonata in Re minore (da Sacra Partitura)
Heinrich Ignaz Biber 1644 – 1704 | Balletto lamentabile a 4
Jacob Van Eyck  (ca.1590 -1657) |  Amarilli mia bella con variazioni
Henry Purcell (1659 -1695) | Pavane e Chaconne

About the program
The Assisi flute belongs to a small and valuable collection of wind instruments kept in the Basilica of Saint Francis Museum. It is anonymous but it’s an element of great prestige because it represents the transition between the Renaissance and Baroque flutes. The concert offers an original selection by european composers of the seventeenth century in order to highlight the tonal and expressive peculiarity of this instrument. In 2012 the Brilliant classics released a CD with G.B.Buonamente music performed by ensemble Helianthus with the instrument copies of the collection of Assisi. Some examples can be found at the following link.

Helianthus, an ensemble founded by Laura Pontecorvo, with the ensemble’s aim being to combine didactic work with concert and recording projects centred around historical musical instruments. The above mentioned musicians not only share a passion for performing together, but also the belief that 17th- and 18th-century repertoire is a highly relevant and fascinating subject.
Helianthus’ musicians have performed in the most important concert halls, both as soloists and in partnership with many other ensembles – including period orchestras such as Concerto Italiano, Concerto Köln, Accademia Bizantina, Ensemble Aurora, Al Ayre Espanol, Ensemble Elyma, Le Concert des Nations, Accademia Montis Regalis, Il Giardino Armonico, Ensemble Zefiro, Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra, Concerto Palatino, Les Talens Lyriques, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Accordone. They have also recorded with important labels like ECM, Opus 111, Naïve, Arcana, Glossa, Alia Vox, Alpha, Sony Classical, Stradivarius, Ziz Zag, Harmonia Mundi, Dynamic, Amadeus. Helianthus recorded in 2012 for Brilliant classic a CD containing Giovanni Battista Buonamente repertoire performed with the copies of the instruments of the Sacro Convento of Assisi’s collection (Buonamente: Sonatas, canzonas and sinfonias) In the occasion of the 2014 anniversary of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach birth, a new CD has been released for the same label, with Bach quartets for obbligato harpsichord, flute and viola (C.P.E. Bach: Chamber Music with Transverse Flute). The latest two ensemble projects had been presented in Urbino 2014 and Viterbo 2014 Festivals, Milan 2014 Fodella Foundation, Paesaggi Toscani 2015 Festival, Venice music project 2015, “Grandezze e meraviglie” 2015 in Modena and Oratorio del Gonfalone season 2016 in Rome.

ROSSELLA CROCE graduated with top marks in violin in 1998 at the Conservatory A. Pedrollo of Vicenza under the guidance of F. Missaggia. During her studies she gained several scholarships and was finalist in various violin and chamber music competitions. She then specialized on the early violin repertoire at the Scuola Civica in Milan and at the Conservatory in Den Haag (Holland) with Enrico Gatti following at the same time also courses with R. Terakado, E. Wallfisch and others. She has an intense concert activity which leads her to play in the most prestigious concert halls and theatres in the world. She works, also as first violin, with many important early music groups such as Ensemble Aurora, Accordone, Accademia W.Hermans, Accademia Bizantina, Zefiro, etc. She played in several broadcasts for RAI Radio 3, RSI, WDR, Radio France, etc. Rossella also recorded for the labels Sony Classics, Brilliant, Cipress, Naive, Arcana, Alpha, Amadeus, Classic Voice, Eloquentia, La Bottega Discantica , etc. gaining prices and appreciation from the critics.

LUIGI LUPO After his degree of traverse flute, in 1991, by Conservatorio “G.B. Martini” in Bologna, he has spent its time mainly in studying and researching of historical flutes. In 1995 he has a degree in Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo, at Department of Literature and Philosophy at University of Bologna, with a research thesys on “Renaissance traverse flute”. In 1996 he has gained a diploma in Flauto Dolce and Traversiere Barocco at Conservatory “F. E. Dall’Abaco” in Verona with M° M. Castellani, and in the meanwhile he has followed the Corso di Musica da Camera with M.° J. B. Christensen at Schola Cantorum in Basilea. He has gained a Diploma Accademico di II livello in Musical disciplines for Flauto Dolce and Traversiere at Conservatory “F. E. Dall’Abaco” in Verona with M° M. Castellani. He collaborates with different ancient music ensambles, moving from medieval music to romantic music. He has done many recordings made for various labels including: CSR, RAI Trade, Stradivarius, Tactus, Emi Classic, Naxos, Third Millennium, Brilliant Classics, etc..  At the moment he teaches at the Musical Institute “A. Vivaldi” in Bolzano and at Scuola di Musica Antica “Girolamo Dalla Casa” at ILMA – Palazzo Gerometta – Clauzetto (PN).

GUIDO MORINI, organist, harpsichordist and composer, he has been dedicated to early music, in particular the practices of basso continuo and improvisation. A dense concert activity has taken him to work from an early age with some of Europe’s best musicians and participate to more than seventy records, many of them awarded by international critics (Diapason d’Or, 10 Repertoire, 5 Goldberg, Choc de la Musique) for the major labels: ECM, Opus 111, Arcana, gloss, Astrèe, Alia Vox, Naive. In 1984 he founded with Marco Beasley Accordone, ensemble where he experiments new interpretations for the seventeenth century Italian music. Accordone is regularly present in biggest festivals and most prestigious concert halls. Guido Morini care all reviews and musical arrangements of Accordone, and also dedicated some compositions – instrumental pieces, cantatas and whole operas – creating a new repertoire for Accordone concert activities, thus combining the cultural legacy of the Renaissance and Baroque to the present. Eclectic nature, pursuing broad-based skills on the model of ancient musicians, never locked into one role.

LAURA PONTECORVO studied flute with Marianne Eckstein and Peter Lukas Graf. She specialized in baroque and classical flute under the guidance of Marc Hantai. She has been held for years in concerts in the most important seasons around the world with various orchestras and chamber ensemble (Italian Concerto, Europa Galante, Accademia Bizantina, Divino Sospiro, Accordone, the Cappella della Pietà dei Turchini, L’Arc Art) and she has participated to many festivals and seasons in Italy and abroad. She has performed as soloist in Japan, US, Colombia, Netherlands, France, Israel, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Austria. Founded Helianthus and recorded in 2012 for Brilliant G.B. Buonamente with Assisi Sacred Convent instruments collection. Laura also recorded for Opus 111, Naïve, Stradivarius, Dynamic, Amadeus. She is a chamber music teacher and Baroque flute at Cosenza Music Conservatory, and has been invited to provide master classes at the Escola Superior de Musica in Lisbon, the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid and the Universitat fur Musik and Performing Arts in Vienna. During a recent sabbatical, she has done researches in the archive of the Library of Assisi Sacred Convent on collection origin of musical instruments stored there, then publishing a paper on Recercare, journal for the study and practice of early music.

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Combitickets presentatie workshop bewoners Leekerheide & concert Helianthus Ensemble

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